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flute music, arrangements for flute sheet music  , piccolo and /or flute choir. inspiration. flute interest.  education. playing and generalized everything flute. 

also here are some links to flute things I LOVE!

  1. Fluter Scooter professional flute case covers ( a must have for all flutists)  What ever your background, influence, education, musical style, flute  playing, fashion style, or event your performing for; FluterScooter has a flute bag for that!!       https://www.fluterscooter.com/
  2. Larry Krantz web site ( lots of great info for flutists)  http://www.larrykrantz.com/
  3.  My flute and piccolo are Powell. I know every one has the perfect flute for them, and I feel with my Powell flute there is nothing I can't play or do.  I believe every nuance and sound that comes from my flute is a completed masterpiece of art .  Powell flutes can play with every color, sound,  and timbre where as  living musical art is created. I may never be a real professional flutist, but with Powell, I feel like one.  visit the Powell Family at http://www.powellflutes.com/en/
  4. Also , please check out The  Lancaster County Flute Ensemble on Facebook at   https://www.facebook.com/groups/153797258358741/?ref=bookmarks   and  my Facebook  " doRayme" page at https://www.facebook.com/doraymeflutecom-761031134093360/



contact me for music available.  you  can visit  these pages to hear more about arrangements.

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contact me for upcoming performances, events , arrangements, and also if you would like me to arrange something for you group. important to keep about how many players and instrument types are in your group. 

** Also, check me out on social media as well as check out some of the groups I play in like:

  1. The Lancaster County Flute ensemble ( flute choir in Lancaster, PA)    https://www.facebook.com/groups/153797258358741/

  1. Wilkes University Flute Choir ran by the incredible Professor Lish Lindsey . http://www.wilkes.edu/news/today-at-wilkes/2017/August/flute_ensemble_open_house.aspx        
  2. The Pocono Flute Society , ran by Marta Oberlin. Definitely great group of performers and a wonderful summer flute program . https://www.poconoflutesociety.org/summer-flute-camp.html
  3. The Flute View is  a wonderful on-line Flute Magazine  and great reference materials for all things flute related.  http://thefluteview.com/

Also feel free to contact me about any of these groups &  resources. 


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